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Friends and Foes,

A transparent moment…

Tonight I am participating in a webinar called Author School. It’s sort of like a writer’s conference from home for the next two months. It’s an attempt to pursue clarity and get help. It is led by a well-known agent with a terrific track record of helping and publishing.

Why? A hundred years ago I said to my mentor and friend that I wanted to write a book and he quickly said, “What would you write about?” The implication was I didn’t have much to say at that time. We’re still friends and he still impacts my life! There are miracles.

I may still not know much. But I’ve experienced the grace and mercy and love of God for a long time now. And, I can’t get this writing idea out of my head. Writing a weekly newspaper column has keep fuel on the fire.

So, this near geezer wants to settle the question and give it a try.

Thanks for your prayers.


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