They See

Ryan and Leah see things most of us can’t or won’t. They remind me of so much that is biblical and central to pleasing Christ.

Ryan, Leah, and their young child are on their way to a mission field that is difficult and, at times, hostile to the good news of salvation from sin and everlasting life through trust in Jesus Christ alone. It is a message that is increasingly, contentiously rejected in our own culture and which is sometimes met with persecution in Ryan and Leah’s new destination. They have been tested in a state-side, difficult mission field for five years. In visiting other mission fields they each have developed some health issues, so I wonder about their physical strength. I am their adoring, proud, humbled uncle, and someone who has experienced the joy of Ryan’s growing, passionate faith in Christ all his life and the riches of Leah’s heart in recent days. I want them to do everything to avoid danger and protect their health. In my mind, I have a better plan…
But is safety and comfort the way and will of God for them or for us?
They have the unclouded vision of Hebrews 10-11. They see needy souls and have accepted the cost to reach them (10:32-34). They see the futility of accumulation and the joyful life of sacrifice to others (10:34). They have seen the joy of heavenly reward in living for the will of God (10:35-36; 11:8). They have seen God’s preservation of their souls (10:39). They see the ultimate value in living lives to please God and not themselves (11:5). They see the call to a city that is better than any place on earth (11:13-16). They have seen the joy, struggle, value, and call of surrendered hearts as opposed to controlled, subdued ones that keep the heart of God at a distance (chapters 10-11).

“Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God; for He has prepared a city for them” (11:16).

Sending them—releasing them to go—is so hard. Thankfully, they don’t go alone. Jesus Himself promised to be with them wherever they go (Matthew 28:19-20). Angels accompany them (Psalm 91:11-12). Followers of Christ are praying for and supporting them. They will have some assistance from their parent missionary organization. There are some believers where they are going. Truly, God has ordained both the means to do His work and the ends for His glory and their good.

Their call is ours. We live out our salvation right where we live, work, and play every day. Hebrews 10-11 shows up (or is absent), e.g., in the way we spend money, in our pursuits and passions, in the way we use media instead of it using us, in who we go to for joy, in what we feed our minds and souls with. Time will tell. Time tells.

Whew! With a trembling, immeasurably jubilant, nervous heart my spirit flies out with them on October 25th.

Father, help me to see what Ryan and Leah see.

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