New Day, August 14, 2015

“…give me life, O LORD, according to your word!” Psalm 119:107

I am slow-walking through Psalm 119 this month. While sitting in the dark with a cup of coffee, waiting for enough light to read I prayed the Psalmist’s heart: “I love your word, O LORD” (v. 97). The early morning joy of a sunrise is only exceeded by the anticipation of the Word of God (v. 111).

Sunrises change each day; the Word of God, teaching us and guiding us each day does not. Life circumstances are altered sometimes every hour; God and His steadfast love undergird every minute.

The Psalmist asks for life “according to your word.” My databank quickly thanked Yahweh for “life” thoughts:

  1. Jesus Christ is the only way to life and the only true life (John 14:6);
  2. We are now dead to self—crucified with Christ—and can continue to and really live because Christ is in us—now (Galatians 2:20);
  3. Once dead and bound to sin’s penalty and power and presence, in Christ we are no longer chained by its hopeless death but have begun eternal life—now (John 5:24);
  4. Christ is everything. Life is Christ and to die right now is to our advantage (Philippians 1:21);
  5. Jesus is an available safe, comforting, guiding, protecting shepherd for we who are His sheep—now and forever (John 10:9-10).

Today’s gray sunrise does not diminish the smallest bit of reality and certainty of life today and, soon, in Christ’s presence!


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