Putty Knives and Big Brushes

New Day, August 4, 2015

“…in his temple all cry, “Glory!” Psalm 29:9


I did a one day, take-a-painting-home class in the technique of Bob Ross painting. Do you remember Bob Ross? Now gone, he was the hippie-looking painter with the soft voice who used sophisticated putty knifes and big brushes to paint remarkable paintings.

We had a Bob Ross early sunrise yesterday, complete with layers of rich, full colors gently stroked with a large brush to take away the sharp edges, blend the colors, and overlap the striations together.

Today’s morning wake-up started more subtly, including the moon. Last week’s Blue Moon has traveled on. Oh how incredibly large and bright and in-our-face-full it was. This morning the moon stands far away, less obvious, but still reflecting God’s glory in quieter ways. Its purpose is not only fulfilled in grandeur but in quietness, too. Can we accept this about us?

God’s multiplicity in glorious displays is a chorus of praise, pursuing us to shout glory! Try it.

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