The Squirrel and Rabbit

A New Day, June 24, 2015 

“Be still and know I am God.” Psalm 46:10

Cheryl and I walked this summer morning on a sport track that has an old railroad track beside a portion of it. Cheryl noticed a cute bunny rabbit sitting in the middle of the track between two rails. Have you noticed—when sensing danger a rabbit’s first strategy is to sit for a moment before hopping on?

Not many steps ahead a squirrel sat in the middle of the track. She, too, sat still for a moment, perhaps hoping to be unnoticed. Squirrels are neurotic, jumping back and forth when danger is coming—after lingering for a moment to assess the situation.

At best, living in reaction (only) to circumstances is neurotic.

Creation’s creatures have some lessons for us, don’t you think?



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