“Behold, God is exalted in his power; who is a teacher like him?” Job 36:22

Each new day we get to sing a new song of the grace of God.

Grace starts with dawn’s early light. The earlier we peek in on the process of sunrise the more vivid the colors. And they can change fast—from dark purples or reds or pinks (especially pinks) and, later, to yellows that are brilliant and blinding. I especially like it when the sun’s sibling, the moon, watches with a smile. Sometimes, only gray shows up and the vibrant colors stay in bed while the moon is on vacation somewhere else, probably near a cabin in the Smokies.

As the process of daybreak continues, clouds more quiet and gray than purple or pink build in the east. These, too, are grace gifts, shielding the sleepy eyes of commuters rushing toward the east while they guzzle hot beverages and try to wake up.

As I write from my porch, the sun’s prelude includes a crispness in the air worthy of my raggedy sweatshirt. Glimpses of God’s glory and grace are everywhere. The sky is cloudless and hazy and a rich pink is building every minute. (I wonder if pink is God’s favorite color—sorry guys.) Sister Moon is watching over it all. A woodpecker is up early, too, tapping a Morse Code of joy. The birds are singing their favorite creation songs—loudly. I wonder: do they know all the stanzas to “Amazing Grace”?

Have you seen the acrostic for grace: God’s-Riches-At-Christ’s-Expense? It is said grace saves us and keeps us. This is true of our salvation from sin’s penalty, power, and ultimately, its presence. And, the riches of grace will keep us all day long. As a good Rabbi-Teacher, Jesus keeps calling us into His completed Scriptures where He trains us in following Him. He instructs us; but He goes with us. As we travel He draws us to Himself with loving reminders, and He gives wisdom to protect us in a dangerous world, comfort to settle our throbbing souls, stern warnings of life’s potholes and ditches, and He unfolds a map for what is to come.

As the years pile on I am noticing innumerable riches of grace all day long. When I slow down and look, I see Cheryl’s accepting smiles, the enthusiasm and brilliance of kids, colors, the voluminous shades of green, kind greeters, powerful trains, cheerful puppies, shadows, the help of medicines, soulful or peppy songs, and the playful wisecracks of friends.

“Behold” (above) is a rich Scripture word. More than merely looking, it invites us to stop in our tracks. It pulls us in and beckons us to sit at the feet of our Creator-Teacher-Savior-Sustainer Jesus Christ. There we listen intently, drink deeply, marvel, sing, and talk with Him—who is Himself a gift of grace.

Father, sleeping life away is over-rated. Give me a heart to wake up and see grace. Because, when I look You are teaching me all day long.

The Rhea Herald-News, June 10, 2015


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