Dawn’s Early Light

A New Song, June 3, 2015

“But none says, ‘Where is God my Maker…who makes us wiser than the birds of the heavens?’…Behold, God is exalted in his power; who is a teacher like him?” Job 35:10-11; 36:22

Each new day we sing a new song of the grace of God.

At first, “dawn’s early light” was unremarkable. Vivid colors stayed in bed; the moon was on vacation somewhere else.

And then, grace awakened me. The grace of God pushed away the heavy clouds and rain from yesterday. As the process of sunrise continued, clouds–more gray than purple–began to build in the east. These, too, are grace gifts, shielding onlookers from a blinding sun. For commuters rushing toward the east it is needed grace; for gawkers guzzling hot beverages in hope of an epiphany grace arouses fresh sounds, sights, and smells from dawn’s early light.

Grace invited birds to sing loudly. Grace provided crispness in the air worthy of my raggedy sweatshirt. Grace moved a neighbor to stop and ask for prayer. And to think: I resisted grace’s wake-up call and almost slept in.

Father, give me a heart to be taught more about Your grace. Help me sing a new song of delight in Your many gifts all day long.


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