The Painter

I hope you’ve seen Bob Ross on television. Now gone but still on television, he was the painter who dazzled the world with his lush landscapes painted with knife-like tools and large brushes. Drink in this: trees in the foreground created by scraping the canvas, with a moonscape coming to life center stage with a three inch brush.

I love watching his sessions on public television and even took a class to learn his technique. In three hours we all did a painting and brought it home! Once, in her constant joy to do nice things for me, Cheryl secretly bought a ticket to a public demonstration by him. And then he unexpectedly died before the class!

I thought of Bob Ross, the lesser painter, last night as I stood outside and took in the sunset. Cold but with a sharply focused sky, with sweeping, broad strokes the Master Painter swept one-half of the sky with long, thin pink clouds. The sky, with puffs of white smoke-like clouds around the longer pink ones–and with a not-to-be-forgotten blue background–was cause for praise to God for His works.

It takes run-on sentences to begin to describe God and what He does.

The delight of God in His sunset must have been great in heaven. It sure was for me on earth.


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