Finally Autumn

Finally Autumn

“Behold, he scatters his lightning about him…” Job 36:30

Last saturday’s sunrise was proof it is finally autumn. Did you see it? There was no dense fog, rain, or those annoying warm temperatures. The air required a jacket (and hat for bald heads like mine). Before the actual sunrise, pink clouds, stars, and a high vapor trail were in full array. The moon was crescent, as my visiting eight year old grandson Wilder instructed me, and gave definite approval with a full-toothed and bright-white smile.

My month-long constant thoughts about fall have been so interesting I just had to—again—write about one of my studies and share an item one friend sent me. This autumn, God has provided a ton of input through Scriptures, quotes, poems, and thoughts that have stimulated some special prayer times. Friends have sent me many ideas and comments. Everyone loves autumn.

One fascinating study has been lightning. We’ve had an unusual amount of lightning this fall. Rhea County’s own renowned poet, Karie Ballentine, recently penned this animated poem about lightning:

Lightning laughs, skips beats

   in the night. A chorus of

   leaves echo reply.

Delightful. You may see me sticking my ear up to colored leaves to get their happy, colorful opinion on each day.

Thunder and lightning remind us of the depth and mystery of God’s character and works. Job 37:5 announces He is God who “thunders wondrously with his voice; he does great things that we cannot comprehend.” God has allowed us a little peek inside through lightning.

  • Lightning points us to the holiness of God. Remember Mt. Sinai? Revelation 4 describes the throne of God with lightning. Do we sometimes make light of the Father?
  • Lightning is used in judgment by God (see Nahum 2:4; Ps 144:6). Judgment is a side of God that is real, though we don’t like to talk about it.
  • Lightning is used by God in creation care, especially with rain (Job 37:11; Ps 105:32). It’s a shame followers of Christ are late in seeing God’s heart about what He has made.
  • Here is a special one: Lightning is a promise for the fall of Satan and coming of Christ (Luke 10:18; Mt 24:27). Those are both occasions for great praise to God.
  • My favorite thing about lightning is it declares God’s presence in our world and lives. “He covers his hands with the lightning and commands it to strike the mark. Its crashing declares his presence…” Job 36:33

While autumn has finally arrived with its beauty and crispness, I don’t want to forget the uncommon gifts that have made this a distinctive season. Like lightning.

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