It’s Not About Me, Lord

“Your kingdom come…” Matthew 6:10

Kids understand the kingdom idea.

Samuel, my son-in-law, trekked to Colorado with his family for the same wedding we drove to recently. Back home, he proudly told me Hailie, age 5, and Shawna, age 3 (barely) traveled well all the way there and back. That’s a lot of car miles for little ones. He also says Hailie (who is growing up far too fast to suit me), sometimes wanted her space, time, and books. Can you hear her now gently (?) asking Shawna to be quiet for a while? One half of the back seat was her kingdom.

We return to the Lord’s Prayer after some vacation weeks away. We have explored the early words, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name” (Matthew 6:9 ESV). Today we venture down the pathway to “Your kingdom come.” It’s a demanding hike.  

John Stott helps us navigate: “The kingdom of God is his royal rule. Again, as he is already holy so he is already King, reigning in absolute sovereignty over both nature and history. Yet when Jesus came he announced a new and special break-in of the kingly rule of God, with all the divine rule implies. To pray that his kingdom may ‘come’ is to pray both that it may grow…and that soon it will be consummated when Jesus returns in glory to take his power and reign.”

Clearly, the song has it right, “It’s not about me, Lord.”

I wrote about a sunrise and the kingdom God recently:

“At first there was gray and fog, and then the sun broke through gloriously with warmth and light to dry our rain-soaked ground.

I was reminded of the in-breaking of Jesus into history, removing the fog of our lives, changing everything, inaugurating His kingdom (Luke 17:20-21), and offering kingdom participation to all those who believe “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel“ (Mark 1:15). Each sunrise is a reminder of the hopeful, forward moving plan of God, and His soon consummation of history as we know it.”

A practical plan for daily kingdom living came from a thoughtful sister-in-Christ, who wrote: “Your focus on sunrises reminds me of my Grandmother who taught me to ask God to show Himself to me each morning, to look for evidence of Him throughout the day, and to recite it back to Him in thankfulness at night. His hand is often there for us to notice if we will simply look for it. Sunrise is a great place to start.”

I like that. Lord Christ, give me a watchful heart to your day-to-day kingdom presence and reign within and around and through me. And with many distractions, keep me watchful for Christ’s soon coming. I can’t wait.

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