Dear Wilder

Herald News

June 19, 2013

Dear Wilder,

What a grandson you are! Should I call you Captain Underpants after the books you love so much? Nah…I will call you Wilder, my uniquely named, one-of-a-kind second grade grandson.


This week I have had your picture on my cellphone so everyone can see you. It reminds me of your playful smile, big handsome eyes, your hugs and kisses, and the way you make people so happy.


Do you remember when we recently played Frisbee at the Frisbee golf course near your home? I loved your excitement that day, and I learned a lot about you. You followed your father’s instructions well and learned the game fast. I especially was impressed with the way you stuck to the game, working hard, and trying all the way to the end. I sure was tired and wanted to quit, but you didn’t. That pleases me greatly because not quitting until you are done will help you in school, play, friendships, and work.


One of my favorite memories is the time we came to your house and you grabbed my hand just as I walked in the door. You immediately took me upstairs to your room to play with your car collection. You know how to make people feel special.


You are known for how you like to cuddle with your mother. As you get older, your friends may not show their mothers they love them, but I want to ask you to never be embarrassed to hug and kiss your mother wherever you are. If my mother were here I would!


I love the way you like to pray at mealtime. A thankful heart pleases Jesus.


When I was a boy I wondered what a man should be like. I didn’t have a dad to show me the way, but God has given you a godly, wonderful father. He is showing you how to be a young man of God who is tough and tender, hardworking and playful—along with being affectionate, caring for others, creative, curious, wise in decisions, and adventurous. You are respectful of your parents and you obviously love your sister very much. How I respect and am proud of you for being willing to share your home and family with adopted kids.


The best son was Jesus, the Son of God.  He shows everyone how to be like our heavenly Father. He obeyed His heavenly Father. He told people about His Father all the time. He did all these things so that the whole world would see He loved the Father. Keep being that kind of son.


I can’t resist it—you are like Captain Underpants but so much more—you are Wilder, the world’s best grandson!


I love you,



1 Response to “Dear Wilder”

  1. 1 Gam-ma McDaniel June 19, 2013 at 10:08 pm

    I love this! Someday, Wilder will go back, reread the words, and treasure them…
    I’m not your biological Mom, only your adopted Mom, but you can hug and kiss me anytime, and I won’t be embarrassed…..:-) Your biological Mom would be soooo proud of the husband and man you have become because of her early nurturing and guidance…..
    WE love you as our own……
    Mom # 2


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