What Child Is This?

Babies stir our emotions like nothing else.

I so enjoyed being present for the delivery of my girls, and for the privilege to see all our grandkids right after their earthly entrance. It started Christmas night 1978, when our first daughter was quickly swaddled and handed to me when only seconds new. Something unexplainable occurred, and I knew this was a holy moment saturated with indescribable joy. More grace visited with our second daughter, and I repeated the thrill and supernatural sense all over again. Now there are four grandkids so far, and with each the mystery and wonder of babies multiplies.

Once again, God has brought a pregnancy and ponderings about babies into my life. A dear couple is pregnant. I officiated at their wedding, and we talk almost daily about the process and future. I was thrilled at the clarity and detail of their first ultrasound! Will the baby’s name be Juan or Juanita…?

Can we qualify our delight in babies? Is it the elation and miracle of new life in our midst? Perhaps, it is anticipation and hope in the future. Maybe, it is the innocence or the remembrance of a simpler time or a new beginning. I can see these things in lots of parents—and me.

There are unexplainable things in life. Math and science unwrap some of the mysteries of God and creation and make our hearts leap in wonder. Reason and intellect matter and provide a platform to love God with our minds. These are gifts from the Father.

Followers of Christ view experience and reality through Christ and Scripture. Our lives are immersed in supernatural realities encased in truth. Mystery and wonder, such as what we sense with babies, are validated and most fully appreciated when seen through the lens of Scripture.

Children, for example, teach a great deal about faith. My daughter Robin posted this just last Sunday about our three year our granddaughter: “‎‘Faith like a child.’ This morning’s example: Shawna has a runny nose (and Hailie is congested). Hailie prayed that Shawna would feel better. And as soon as she was done praying for Shawna she wanted to know if Shawna felt better. What a great example!” To a child, God’s answer to prayer is without question.

Without comparison, the greatest baby story is Christmas—the incarnation. In the supreme act of love, God took on human flesh and deliberately provided His final invitation to everlasting life to the world. And, it started on earth that other Christmas night, with baby Jesus.

Now, the wonder and mystery in every baby is permeated with the good news: our salvation has come through a baby that became a man who gave Himself for our rescue from sin on a cross.

This Christmas, references to baby Jesus have taken on a fresh, new joy for me. How about you?


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