How to be Approved by God

Fellow-sojourners, what are you studying in the Scriptures these days?

I ask because it is the normal response of a follower of Christ who loves Him and longs to grow closer. Study of the Scriptures shows us God’s way in a troubled and troubling world. We share Timothy’s motivation to, “study to show yourself approved…” Like Timothy, what we accurately know, trust, and follow are essential to pleasing God. I ask because I just saw the fruit of it in Georgia.

Cheryl and I just came back from an extended weekend with our grandkids in Georgia. When our perfect grandkids arrived home from school on Thursday, they unloaded their backpacks. Lunch stuff, dirty stuff (laugh) and, of course, school papers scattered everywhere. One paper was particularly memorable to me: a daily checklist for the week’s lessons and assignments. Parent, child, and teacher all interact on it throughout the week.

It made me think: What is my plan to grow in love for my Lord through His Word? So, I want to share a recent study from II Peter. At the end I will tie it together with my grandkids. (I am utterly fascinated how God brings connections like these.)

II Peter 2 is inescapably about false teachers but the real main character is God. It is an intense passage, and stretches our view about the nature and works of God. Are you comfortable with Scripture’s portrait of God as judge? He is, but there is much more in this fire and brimstone passage. God is righteous and He is judging the unrighteous. But all the while, He holds, protects, delivers, and knows His own. Wonderfully, when the flames and smoke clear, His righteous ones who have lived among false teachers have a wonderful future in His presence.

Back to my grandkids. All four live in a precarious world of false ideas. In preparing them to go into the world, their parents have a plan that includes modeling the message of Scripture, and a sacrificial investment in good Bible teaching churches. They read the Bible regularly with their kids. It is the reference point of discussions, frequent joyful moments, and kid-life events.

Most of all, they are intentional about presenting Jesus Christ. But it’s not easy. John Piper said, “…beauty and excellence in Christ is not a simple thing. It is complex. It is a coming together in one person of the perfect balance and proportion of extremely diverse qualities. And that’s what makes Jesus Christ uniquely glorious, excellent, and admirable. The human heart was made to stand in awe of such ultimate excellence. We were made to admire Jesus Christ, the Son of God.”

The grands are in good hands.

I like the plan.


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